Tradition, passion, professional skills since 1900 to bring to your table the tastes of olden days.

At the Salumi Boschi Fratelli Spa we produce and manufacture all of our products using the ingredients and following the processing and curing methods passed down from generation to generation. A tradition which stands for quality.


It is the salami par excellence, the first vocation of Boschi Fratelli, the small great masterpiece of the village of Felino.
With its roughly ground paste - tasty and sweet at a time - it is the most classical and appealing salami, the typical foodstuff of Parma hills.

A unique taste, sweet and refined.
Perfect as an appetizer or as a snack at any time of the day.
Realized with the fine trimmings of fine meats, lean and delicate, it should be tasted when fresh, to enjoy all its freshness.

Wonderful fragrances of "cured" and cave prepare to the tasting of a meat characterised by a round, typical, perfect taste.
The Coppa Boschi Fratelli is the result of a century-long tradition followed with care by skilled masters who process high quality meats.

A lot of softness for an extraordinary balance between sweetness and fragrance.
The Pancette Boschi Fratelli are the great classics of taste, never salty, always tasty. They are all produced from pigs bred with controlled fodder and following the rhythms of nature.

The pink colour and the variety of aromas are unique: this ham is obtained from selected meats and is carefully cured by the air from the mountains.
Tenths of controls ensure quality, safety, and a balanced and unmistakable taste.

The great classics, an extraordinary PDO ham, always sweet, fragrant, undergoing a long curing process in the clean air of Parma hills, at the heart of the typical zone of origin.
The Crudo Parma of Boschi Fratelli is made with passion by carefully checking the whole production chain, from breeding to curing.

The respect for tradition, the air that blows from the Prealpi Carniche, the carefully selected meets: all this makes the San Daniele ham a completely natural food item.

From the classical Mortadella, fragrant, tasty, featuring a very typical composition to the Ovalina, convenient, fresh, safe, and tasty.
The Mortadelle Boschi Fratelli stand out for the very careful selection of the raw material.

The most precious parts of the pig leg give the most sophisticated of cured meats: the Culatello.
Boschi Fratelli devotes special care to this masterpiece to achieve those extraordinary aromas and tastes fascinating the gourmets all over the world.

From the Parma's lowlands, the Po river plane rich in culinary tradition, this excellent product, also to be served hot during the winter.
The Spalla Cotta of Boschi Fratelli is an original and appetizing product, perfect to be served with pickles.

The freshness and tastiness of the just sliced cured meats packed in handy trays, to offer you a convenient, appetizing and tasty product, as if it was just sliced.

They are made with first quality meat and are slowly steam cooked. Each time you bring to your table the Cotechino, Shank and Zampone of Boschi Fratelli you are sure you bring the best of tradition.

They all feature extraordinary characteristics and are produced in compliance with severe quality procedures.
The bresaola is lean and tasty, ciccioli and cicciolata are irresistible.

beautiful to look and good to be enjoyed ...




We work in territory that is the root of all our products.

We know how much the territory is important, and this is why the Fratelli Boschi was happy to participate in the project for the recovery and restoration of the monument to Garibaldi.